Scrum Update 2011 について、ものすごくざっくりと訳した

Scrum Guide がアップデートされました。



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Scrum Update:2011

For most all games and activities, rules are published and considered separately from strategy.

For example, the rules of chess say nothing about the various strategies that have evolved for playing the game;

so should it be for the rule book of Scrum.
Scrum の本に関してもそうだ。

With this distinction in mind Jeff Sutherland and I are pleased to announce the next update to Scrum, through the published Scrum Guide.
Scrum Guide を発行することで Jeff と Ken の心のなかの違いを次の Scrum のステージを伝えられることを喜んでいる

We have worked closely with the community.

David Starr and Jim Coplien contributed materially to this effort.
David と Cope は この努力に対して実質的に努力している

We intend to provide annual updates hereafter.

The Scrum Guide is the definitive rule book of Scrum and the documentation of Scrum itself.
Scrum Guide はScrum の定義であり、Scrum についてのドキュメントである。

The Scrum Guide and the rules of chess offer simply the rules on how the pieces move, how turns are taken, what is a win, and so on.

Strategies for playing Scrum or chess vary widely and are explained in many books, articles, and blog posts on the respective subjects.
Scrum やチェスをする上での戦略において、幅広く多くの本や記事、ブログが説明している。

For those of us working on a revision to the Scrum Guide, this meant that all tips, optional practices, and techniques should be removed from this document.
Scrum Guide の改訂において、全ては tips だった。追加のプラクティスやテクニックはこのドキュメントから削除した。

This was done along with refining some language to correct some long-standing misunderstandings about Scrum.

We want to share some of the changes made in this refined statement of Scrum.
Scrum の変更点についてシェアしたい。

While nothing about Scrum is fundamentally changed, there are some clarifications made that are a long time coming.
Scrum が機能的な変更において、浄化に長い時間を書けることになるだろう?

Each will likely deserve its own post in the future, so we will simply note them here.

• The team of people performing the work of creating an Increment is the Development Team.

  Regardless of the work performed by individual team members, they are known as Developers.

• Development Teams do not commit to completing the work planned during a Sprint Planning

  Meeting. The Development Team creates a forecast of work it believes will be done, but that forecast will change as more becomes known throughout the Sprint.

• Scrum does not mandate a burndown chart to monitor progress. Scrum requires only that:
 Scrum はバーンダウンチャートをモニターすることを命令したりしない。次の二点を要求するだけだ。

  • Remaining work for a Sprint is summed and known on a daily basis.

  • Trending toward completing the work of the Sprint is maintained throughout the Sprint.

• Release Planning is a valuable thing to do when using Scrum, but isn’t required by Scrum itself.
 リリースプラニングは scrum においては価値があるが Scrum が要求するものではない

• The Sprint Backlog is the Product Backlog items selected for the Sprint, plus a plan for delivering them.

  There is no longer a required concept of “Sprint Backlog items” although that technique can make a great plan.
  そして、そのスプリントにリリースできると計画したものだ。Sprint Backlog item のコンセプトは、完璧な計画を作成できるものではない。

   A self-organizing Development Team always has a plan.

• The Product Backlog is “ordered,” instead of “prioritized,” providing flexibility to the Product Owner to optimize value in his or her unique circumstances.
 PO がその状況における価値に沿って順応しやすいように優先度付けの代わりに、プロダクトバックログは要求されている。